Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 5 - Wrapping up Galilee, Headed to the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem!

Group Photo at the Bet She'an

At Bet She'an - Roman City and where Saul was killed

Pastor Scott giving us a mini concert in the Roman amphitheater - great acoustics and GREAT voice!  Even the people passing by were throwing out requests.

Pastor Rick giving us a word about the difference between the heart of Saul and the heart of David!

The Dead Sea - Jordan across the sea

The Caves at Qumran (at the Dead Sea) where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found!

We have made it safe and sound to our hotel in Jerusalem!  I am enjoying the high speed internet and being able to upload more pictures and some video.  I hope you enjoy them and get a flavor of what we are experiencing here!  It's been awesome and we are looking forward to another awesome day tomorrow!

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