Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 7 Video - On Top of Masada and at En Gedi

If you've seen the movie "Masada", you will know about this site we were at today.  It is an interesting story of the Israelites vs. the Romans. This video is from on top of the mountain and Pastor Rick shares a thought about what you look out on...

Looking over the storehouses on top of Masada stronghold.  Masada was built by Herod the Great, but then Israelites took refuge in it until the Romans came after them.

To get up on the top of Masada, you take a tram.  Of course, you can walk up it....but only a couple CRAZY people from our group did that!

Climbing the snake pass up to Masada - about 6 did this!

This is from En Gedi - means "little kid".  En Gedi has a natural spring of water that flows out of the ground and the area is filled with mountain goats in the cliffs near the Dead Sea. This is where King David hid from Saul.  You will notice the "clefts in the rock."  

A couple of little mountain goats as our bus zoomed by...

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