Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 9 - Free Day in the Old City

Well, our time here is Jerusalem is coming to an end.  It's Wednesday afternoon and most of us have headed back from our free day to explore the Old City in Jerusalem.  Some of our group walked the ramparts on top of the old city gates, others hung out in cafes, while some haggled and bartered in the arab and armenian quarters. We are heading to the airport in about 4 hours and will start the journey home by going through customs.  One plane will depart Tel Aviv around 10:30 (Israel time) and the other around 12:00 am (Israel time).  Will will have a LONG night/day of travel ahead. 12 hr to NY + long 4 hour layover in NY + 5 hr flight to SFO.  We have been blessed to walk this holy land and the imprints it has left on us will last our lifetimes.  Pray for traveling mercies, peace, and sweet reunions with the ones we love!!

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