Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thoughts from TJ McKiernan....

Desert, palm trees, bedouins, and camels. A completely unique experience and yet I'm having difficulty focusing on anything but Jerusalem. Something within me is longing for Jerusalem, it's a deep craving that I didn't know I had until this morning. I'm feeling antsy and impatient. The bus continues to wind through the desert - more camels - more bedouins. I never would have anticipated feeling as I do. I mean I was excited to experience the Holy Land, but the anticipation I feel within me is very different than anything I've felt before. The bus enters a long tunnel that cuts through the base of a large mountain and I playfully hold my breath as we enter. The tunnel is far too long to hold my breath until we exit the other side. I exhale and laugh, wondering how old I'll be when I finally stop playing car games from my childhood. I worry that if I haven't stopped by now the answer might be never. As I silently scold myself for being so childish, the bus emerges from the tunnel. The left side of the road drops off sharply into a valley and before me - quite unexpectedly - stands Jerusalem. In unison and as if in unspoken agreement, the entire bus groans. The groan that escapes my lips is not voluntary, but mandatory lest I explode. I have no air left in my lungs. Something inside me has changed. Entering God's Holy City has done something to me. I'm not sure I understand exactly what that something is, but I know it is important, maybe even life-changing. It's as if something inside me has been made whole... like my eyes have been waiting my whole life to take in this view of the Temple Mount. It's rapidly becoming apparent that the desire to journey to the Holy Land has been in place much longer than I've acknowledged and is infinitely more significant than my spirit ever let on. In the moment that it takes me to catch my breath, indescribable joy fills my heart. My spirit knows something that my brain does not. My mind can't seem to figure out the celebration in my soul, but I know that I feel deep satisfaction and I have the strange sensation that I've just arrived home. I'm quite sure that for the rest of my life, few moments will have the impact that this one does. I'm still unsure of exactly what I'm thanking the Lord for, but my soul is groaning "THANK YOU LORD" over and over and over again.


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  1. Thanks for sharing TJ. I felt like you when I entered Jerusalem... I was home!