Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 7 - Masada, En Gedi, Floating in the Dead Sea, AHAVA factory, and Abraham's Tent Dinner

Masada in the Judean Desert

Eastern View on Top of Masada over the Dead Sea toward Jordan

Pastor Rick Sharing a Challenge with Us on Top of Masada

The Hill the Romans Built to Take Masada

The Natural Spring at En Gedi - Where King David Hid From Saul

Bible calls these "rock badgers" but they are Helixes or "Coneys"

Where King David Would Have Gone to Hide from Saul

A View Toward the Dead Sea Through a Cleft in the Rock

Pastor Scott Floating in the Dead Sea

Rachel & Gradie Mixon (with other BVGers) enjoying floating

Time for Some Mineral Mud!

Nicely Packaged Mineral Products From AHAVA Factory

Abraham's Hill - The rains have caused a flowering plant to grow that will produce seeds for the sheep and goats to graze on in the spring - fall.  This is part of the DESERT!

A Camel Caravan to Abraham's Tent for Dinner

Sweet Little Camel Who Had to Lug Around Americans All-Night ;-)

Reclining at the Tables for Abraham's Dinner.... can you say stiff knees?!?

Our Dinner View - Looking Out Over the Judean Wilderness.  Abraham Would Have Seen This View Often.  If You Look Closely, You Can See the Dead Sea!

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  1. It's so amzing you are there. Good to see you staying afloat. Love Heidi